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Protecting You

Protect you and your family against life's unexpected events

Our in-house protection team take the time to understand your individual circumstances to tailor-make a solution that is right for you.

Too many people have inadequate cover in place and only find out when it’s too late.

Without the correct advice, you may not fully protect yourself. The right protection can make sure you are looked after in any eventuality, from a loved one passing away to an accident impacting your earnings.

If you’re a landlord, you run the risk of your estate being broken up and diminishing in value upon your death. Good protection can help mitigate some of the costs that your beneficiaries can face, leaving a financial legacy rather than a burden for loved ones.

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We offer a full suite of protection products from our panel of over 15 providers including:

  • Critical illness
  • Income protection (IP)
  • Level and decreasing life cover
  • Family income benefit

A protection review is included as part of our service for all customers and cover can be easily sorted over the phone by speaking with one of our protection consultants.

Case Studies

Income protection for higher risk employment

Income protection offers security if you’re unable to maintain your income, but can be difficult to get if your chosen employment is deemed by providers to have an element of risk attached to it. A client approached us who spent most of their time working outside at 40 storeys plus. By knowing our providers’ criteria, we were able to help our client achieve standard rates for their cover straightaway – a great win when most insurers wouldn’t look past the job. (October 2023)

Consultant: Daniel Botting

High Body Mass Index (BMI)

When looking to protect themselves and their mortgage, a high BMI is often the first hurdle that clients have to try and overcome. Our client was referred to us as they were unable to gain cover due to their BMI rating of 48.1. We were able to secure them Life Cover straightaway, allowing them to feel the relief of knowing that this major financial burden in their life would not be left to their loved ones. (September 2023)

Consultant: Daniel Botting

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Rare heart defect

Our client was born with a rare heart defect and had struggled to obtain Life Insurance previously. We were able to secure not only Life Cover for the client but also Critical Illness and Income Protection which was accepted with no further medical evidence needed. They can now rest assured that their loved ones will be able to retain the property debt free in the event of their passing or suffering from a critical illness, as well as the peace of mind from knowing their income is protected. (August 2023)

Consultant: Britney Trussler

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