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Residential Mortgages

Mortgages for your own home, whatever your circumstances

Whether you’re aiming to get on to the property ladder for the first time, are looking to move house or remortgage, we can help.

As a specialist mortgage brokerage, we can not only offer you great products from well-known high-street banks, but can also help you when your circumstances don’t fit so neatly into a box.

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Our team of 40+ consultants have a wealth of experience in the industry and are here to assist with a wide range of different scenarios such as:

  • Self-employed/complex employment status
  • Unusual property types and listed properties
  • Self-build
  • Adverse credit status
  • Expat status

We can also help with additional borrowing – see Second Charge Mortgages.

Case Studies

Lending past state retirement age

We were approached by middle-aged clients who were looking to purchase their first property. They were struggling to get a mortgage term that was long enough to make payments affordable as most lenders approached would only lend to state retirement age, meaning payments were too high. Due to the large number of lenders that we work with, we were able to secure a mortgage for them with a prime lender who would take into account their non-manual roles and include their pension contributions to lend on a longer term. (January 2024)

Consultant: Alex Penny

Raising sufficient funds to upsize

A client came to us needing £205,000 to purchase their next property. In an earlier application through another broker the lending had been reduced to £190,000, so they feared they would lose the property. The client had recently obtained two unencumbered BTL properties, but as these weren’t showing on their tax returns yet, most lenders wouldn’t take this income into account. We were able to source a lender that would take into account their income, annual bonus, child benefit and also rental income to enable a loan of £210,000. (December 2023)

Consultant: Jessica Folkes

Contractor residential purchase

A client came to us having been told by his existing lender that a larger mortgage for a new purchase was unaffordable. The client was a day-rate contractor, however his existing lender would only use his payslips to calculate his income. We sourced a lender that understands the complexity of contractor pay. They worked from a calculation based on his day rate which allowed the client to comfortably borrow enough to fund his new residential purchase. (October 2023)

Consultant: Ben Tyler

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*Please be aware, these results are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as a mortgage quote. Lender fees may also be applicable.

If selecting ‘Repayment’ as your mortgage type:

The estimated monthly payment is based on a repayment mortgage and may vary depending on the term and interest rate of your mortgage.

If selecting ‘Interest only’ as your mortgage type:

Monthly repayment consists of chargeable interest only. There is no monthly capital payment for this type of mortgage. As no capital repayments are made during the term of the mortgage, monthly costs are lower, however you will not be reducing the balance of the mortgage and the equity in your home or property will be dependent on increases or decreases in market prices. Suitable in limited circumstances for people who do not wish to repay the capital until the end of the mortgage term. Repayment of the loan is self-managed by you and would usually be paid from proceeds of the sale of your home/property, inheritance, savings or investments. This type of mortgage is not accepted by all lenders. Lenders who offer this type of mortgage may require a repayment vehicle to repay the balance at the end of the term. If the proceeds of your repayment vehicle don’t cover the full amount of your mortgage, you will be responsible for paying the difference.

** The 4.7% annual interest rate is based on the Connells Group average mortgage interest rate taken from the period of 01/01/2023 – 30/06/2023 and is correct as at 04/07/2023.

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