Maturities and the BTL remortgage market

Coming off the back of a period where the purchase market – from a residential and buy-to-let perspective – was dominant, activity levels are shifting more towards the remortgage market.

This is especially apparent in the BTL sector as a considerable number of five-year fixed rate deals are maturing over the course of 2022. This means the ball really is in the court of those landlords who have properties within their portfolios which have either come to, or are coming to, the end of these terms.

This was evident in a recent webinar poll from CHL Mortgages which outlined that 70% of portfolio landlords expect to remortgage or consolidate loans over the next 12 months.

When breaking this down, over half (53%) of the mortgage broker respondents reported having one to five portfolio landlord clients who would remortgage or consolidate loans in 2022. 16% highlighted that they had over 10 portfolio landlord clients likely to remortgage or consolidate loans over the next 12 months.

This data helps to highlight just how many landlords, especially those with larger portfolios, need to take action in the coming months. Despite recent interest rate hikes, the BTL remortgage market remains a highly competitive one, especially amongst the more specialist lenders. However, many of these products are only available through mortgage brokers.

This is where the true value and expertise attached to the advice process really shines through. So, if you are a landlord who may require additional remortgage support, then why not speak to the team here at Dynamo to find out more.

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